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New Beginnings Childbirth Class

This childbirth class is designed to help expectant parents understand pregnancy, prepare for the childbirth experience at the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit and care for their newborn. You’ll find the program enlightening and entertaining, as well as beneficial. New Beginnings is offered as part of a 2 class series on Wednesday nights. Classes are held from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. The program is recommended for mothers in their eighth month of pregnancy. Class size is limited.

Those wishing to participate should call the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit at 865.446.8210 to register. Pre-registration is required in person at the Birthing Unit on the 2nd floor of the main hospital (park in Lot A). You must come by the department, fill out papers and pay for the class. All couples must register prior to the class and will be contacted with a reminder before the class starts.

The class includes:

  • Third trimester discomforts, cause, and treatments
  • True vs. false labor, and pre-term labor
  • Equipment used on unit during labor and delivery
  • Stages of labor and delivery
  • Cesarean section, postpartum care, and rooming-in precautions
  • Questions and answers about general baby care such as breastfeeding, circumcision, feeding, crying, sleeping, and bathing.
  • Tour of the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit.

Cost of class: $30 (only available for those who deliver at LeConte Medical Center)

Classes available upon request:

  • Sibling Class
    This class teaches new siblings how to care for and handle the new baby, as well as addresses issues such as jealousy when the new baby comes home. Siblings are instructed using a life-like baby doll, which helps to explain to them diapering, and what sorts of clothing newborns wear. Other materials, such as a film, help to educate children about what to expect when their new brother or sister becomes part of their daily routine.

    A tour of the department is provided to the sibling, and hopefully a real newborn will be available to view through a window. The cost for the class is included in the prenatal class if parents are taking that class. For children of parents not taking the prenatal class the cost will be $10.00. Sibling Class offered as needed. For more information, or to register your child, call the Women’s Center at 865.446.8210.

  • Grandparenting Class
    Updates grandparents about the types and stages of labor, what to expect during delivery, and how to care for a newborn. The goal of this class is to update grandparents on the process of childbirth as it is today at the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit, along with providing newborn care and education. The cost of this course is included in the prenatal class cost if parents are taking that class. For those grandparents interested in taking the class just to obtain education for themselves and Mom is not in the prenatal class, the cost is $10. Grandparenting class is offered as needed.

    For more information, or to register, call the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit at 865.446.8210.