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Dolly Parton Birthing Unit

Dolly Parton Birthing UnitLocated on the 2nd floor of LeConte Medical Center, The Dolly Parton Birthing Unit is a modern, comfortable, family-oriented facility, providing both the personal attention and medical technology for a memorable and pleasant birthing experience.

The Birthing Unit houses two wings of patient rooms including our LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum) suites and our post-partum suites.

LDRP suites offer twin-sized sleeper couches for father or guest to sleep on, high back chair and rocker glider.

The Birthing Unit features a state-of-the art monitoring system for mom & baby’s safety. The security system will alert staff if a baby is taken anywhere outside of where it is supposed to be taken.

Expectant parents are encouraged to enroll in the New Beginnings Childbirth Class offered by the Birthing Unit staff. Sibling and grandparent classes are also available upon request.

LeConte Earned a Bronze Seal for Safe SleepThe Dolly Parton Birthing Unit has been certified as a Safe Sleep Hospital, providing education and vital tools about safe sleep education to the parents of newborns delivered in the Unit. Learn more about the national safe sleep initiative here.

The Dolly Parton Birthing Unit not only meets the needs of new mothers, but also women of all ages. The Unit includes private rooms for patients who have received gynecological care other women’s clinical services. For additional information about the Dolly Parton Birthing Unit call (865) 446-8210.