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Celebrating National Lab Week

Posted on April 26, 2018


Group photo of LeConte hospital lab techs
Pictured left to right: Aaron McGee, Whitney Reagan, Buffie Rusche, Jerri Jones, Edna Zellmer, Sebastian Moceri

National lab week is April 23-27, and we’re celebrating our amazing lab at LeConte Medical Center! This fun crew jokingly refers to themselves as “vampires.” The metaphor is two-fold, not only are they responsible for drawing blood, but they also tease that it’s a great job for an introvert because you aren’t often “out on the front lines.” We asked the group a few questions: 

What’s your favorite thing about working in the lab? 
Buffie: “I like to stick people all day! Haha!” 
Sebastian: “I like helping patients, but also not having to be out in front of a lot of people.” 
Jerri: “We provide a lot of helpful information.” 

If someone is interested in going into this field, what would you tell them? 
Whitney: “I would say do it! It’s fun!” 
Sebastian: “If you like science, and want a job, there are lots of lab opportunities out there. We’re not highly visible, but you can find a job anywhere and you can play your part in making people healthier.” 

We’ve had a few fun get-together’s this week. What’s your favorite food for an office celebration?  

Group: “Pizza! Or donuts! Or anything for free, really! Haha!” 

If you are interested in a career at LeConte Medical Center, look for opportunities at Covenant 

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