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Do you have prediabetes? You might not know if you do.

Posted on November 10, 2017

Prediabetes affects 1 in 3 American adults, according to the CDC

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Having prediabetes also makes it more likely that you will develop type 2 diabetes, heart attack, or stroke, but there are things you can do to reverse the trend.

What is prediabetes? 

Simply put, prediabetes means that you have higher than normal blood sugar (glucose), but it is not high enough yet to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Up to 30% of those with the condition will go on to develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple steps you can take to reverse the cycle. 

Risk Factors 

Prediabetes generally has no signs or symptoms, but type 2 diabetes may include the classic signs of increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and blurred vision. 

In addition, these factors increase your risk of developing either condition: 

  • Being overweight 
  • A waist size larger than 40″ for a man or larger than 35″ for a woman
  • Eating high amounts of processed meats
  • Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Inactivity 
  • Being over 45
  • A family history of diabetes 

What to do? 

The American Diabetes Association says you can reduce your risk by up to 58% by making two easy changes: 

  • Walk briskly, or do another form of moderate exercise, for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • Lose 7% of your body weight (for a 200 pound person this means losing 15 pounds) 

If you think you might be at risk, talk to your doctor today. You can find a physician by visiting