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DAISY Award Winner – Jamie Stanfill

Posted on May 11, 2020

Jamie Stanfill, a nurse for Covenant Health Staffing Solutions (CSS),  was recently awarded the DAISY Award for her excellent care. As part of CSS,  Jamie travels to hospitals within the Covenant Health system, but has spent a great deal of time caring for patients at LeConte Medical Center.

Over the course of her time at LeConte, Jamie received seven DAISY Award nominations. Jamie was nominated by a patient for her compassion and empathy she showed her while recovering at LeConte.

The patient, who was overwhelmed by her medical condition, began to cry in her room when Jamie took the time to comfort her. Jamie shared her own personal medical journey to try and inspire her to continue to have hope despite her current medical situation. She assured her that everyday would get better.

The patient was touched by Jamie’s story and noted that she took the extra time to be there for her when she was at her lowest. Finally, the patient said, “I’m sure God has a special place for her one day.”